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TF2 MSV - Get them! p.2 :iconmusickingdom25:MusicKingdom25 0 4 Beware! :iconmusickingdom25:MusicKingdom25 3 3 TF2 MSV - Get them! p.1 :iconmusickingdom25:MusicKingdom25 1 2 Surprise! :iconmusickingdom25:MusicKingdom25 1 2 Old drawing of Magas and Spelling :iconmusickingdom25:MusicKingdom25 1 3 TF2 MSV - Get them! :iconmusickingdom25:MusicKingdom25 2 7 TF2 MSV Nocturn Meeting final -DESCRIPTION UPDATED :iconmusickingdom25:MusicKingdom25 2 2 Magas wants! :3 :iconmusickingdom25:MusicKingdom25 0 3 TF2 MSV Nocturn Meeting part 2 :iconmusickingdom25:MusicKingdom25 0 2 No more waiting! :iconmusickingdom25:MusicKingdom25 2 10 Happy B-Day Magas! :iconmusickingdom25:MusicKingdom25 3 10 Weird dream / Birthday drawing for Hazura Sinner :iconmusickingdom25:MusicKingdom25 6 17 TF2 MSV Nocturn Meeting part 1 :iconmusickingdom25:MusicKingdom25 2 7 TF2 Misadventures presents -Nocturn meeting- :iconmusickingdom25:MusicKingdom25 2 5 Happy cats day! :iconmusickingdom25:MusicKingdom25 2 11 Undertale doodles (SPOILERS!) :iconmusickingdom25:MusicKingdom25 1 7


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MusicKingdom25's Profile Picture
Artist | Student | Traditional Art
Hello there! I'm M.B. :3
I've made this account to show the things I like to draw (mainly, ponies 'cause I'm a brony ;)
I hope you like my drawings :D
Oh, and if you see I do some mistakes when I write comments, I'm trying to improve my english (I already have to deal with talking three languages everyday ^^;).
Another thing about me is that I'm not italian. Actually, I'm mexican, but I've been living in Italy for over four years. I can be considered like a traveller now, seeing that I've travelled in so many places here, not only in Italy ;) And my journey hasn't ended.

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Hey guys. First off, I want to inform you all that I'm starting commissions for a little while. After giving all the info, I'll give you some updates of the TF2 Misadventures.

EDIT (11/03/2017): I already got two commissions to do in real life; a little commission and a BIG one, in many senses. The big commission I got will take the place of the second and third slot because it'll be a big challenge for me to do.
So I'll close the commissions here for the moment until I finish the two commissions I already have.

Slot 1: (occupied)

Slot 2-3: (occupied)

Chibi or animal: pencil 6,37 USD / 6 EUR (+ 4,25 USD / 4 EUR for extra character) (It doesn't have to be done in a notebook)
  ink 8,50 USD / 8 EUR (+ 4,25 USD / 4 EUR for extra character)
  colored pencils 10,62 USD / 10 EUR (+ 4,25 USD / 4 EUR for extra character)
  pastel 12,74 USD / 12 EUR (+ 4,25 USD / 4 EUR for extra character)
  COPIC ciao 14,87 USD / 14 EUR (+ 4,25 USD / 4 EUR for extra character)

Examples of the techniques in order from pencil to COPIC ciao:

Old drawing of Magas and Spelling by MusicKingdom25  Magas wants by MusicKingdom25 Could you please by MusicKingdom25 TF2 MSV - Get them! p.1 by MusicKingdom25 Happy cats day! by MusicKingdom25

Full body: pencil 8,50 USD / 8 EUR (+ 4,25 USD / 4 EUR for extra character) (It doesn't have to be done in a notebook)
   ink 10,62 USD / 10 EUR (+ 4,25 USD / 4 EUR for extra character)
   colored pencils 13,81 USD / 13 EUR (+ 4,25 USD / 4 EUR for extra character)
   COPIC ciao 19,12 USD / 18 EUR (+ 4,25 USD / 4 EUR for extra character)
(Half body: - 2,12 USD / 2 EUR)

Comic strip (NOT COMICS): pencil 8,50 USD / 8 EUR (+ 5,31 USD / 5 EUR for extra charater) (I will do it in a white paper)
   ink 10,62 USD / 10 EUR (+ 5,31 USD / 5 EUR for extra charater)
   colored pencils 14,87 USD / 14 EUR (+ 5,31 USD / 5 EUR for extra charater)
   COPIC ciao 19,12 USD / 18 EUR (+ 5,31 USD / 5 EUR for extra charater)

The drawings and the coloring are made by hand

 Simple backgrounds' prices vary with the complexity of the place. I won't do very detailed ones. At least, I'll do what I can.

Send me references of what you want me to draw. If the client doesn't have a reference for me to base on, then please give me a clear description of the request, so I'll make it closer to what the client wants.

People who want to commission me must keep this in mind to do the request:
-Type of commission
-Explanation of what you want me to draw
-Reference images of the character/s you want me to draw; please, send me colored images if you want me to color the characters 
-Extra reference images for backgrounds and other kind of things (such as poses) would be appreciated
  Don't send payment until I agree to take the commission, please.

Please leave a comment below if you're interested (if there is an available slot) and if you're ready to make the payment only. After that, I will ask you to write me the request through notes.
I will only start the request after receiving full payment. Commission payments are to be made by using Paypal, addressed to 
If you want to check the progress of the commission, it's 1,06 USD / 1 EUR plus to the commission. You just have to tell me that you want to check the sketches and add that extra to the commission.
Tips are appreciated but not mandatory. This way, I can get new material to work ;)

What I will draw:
-Original Characters
-Mild violence

What I WON'T draw:
-Mecha, in general (robots, armors too...)
-Explicit violence

I have the right to reject the commission request if I find myself unable to do it.

If the commission gets cancelled for any reason, I will give you all your money back.

That's practically it. I will do what I can with the material I have. If you have any other questions, please comment below.


I'm gonna be quick because I have to get back to work before the sun sets. So I continued to write the TF2 Misadventures; I finished writting the third comic, that is called "Little Details part 1", and now I'm half way to finish the fourth comic, "Little Details part 2". I finished doing the storyboard of "Get Them" and I'm getting new ideas for stuff ahead Thumbs Up  I took a two days break because I noticed I was getting stressed by many things that were running in my head; school work, family stuff, the TF2 Misadventures, emotional stuff... Many stuff going on in these days ^^' Hope you're doing good guys Peace 
  • Listening to: Determining music!!!! 0A0
  • Reading: Qualcosa c'inventeremo - Giorgio Scianna
  • Playing: Drakensang
  • Drinking: Water
(In theory, I should have finished two or three pages for "Get Them" by now if it wouldn't have been for my last projects and tests. I'm awesome at keeping my own promises - -' *sigh*...)
Hey guys ^^' Sorry, I know it has been a while since I last did something here. It's school's fault, if you ask... but also mine for being so confident with the deadlines for some stuff - -'' Anyways, I just got back from a little trip aaand wanted to wish you guys a happy Christmas and New year :) I just had my first day of Winter break today (kind of); I'm going to be celebrating Christmas tomorrow with my family and then with some other people around, BUT.... Nah, I'll probably not do it as I say, but I'll try to continue doing the third and fourth page as soon as I can. I guess that's the only thing I can promise without any problem. Ok, so I give you my best wishes to all of you :) See you around.
This time I'll try doing three pages at once just to see how it goes and If it is quicker. I have to reach my old deadlines if I want to be constant with the comics every year.
TF2 MSV - Get them! p.2
ANOTHER PAGE! Mio Akiyama (Exhausted) [V2]  Oh dear, so much action in these weeks... 'Msorry ^^'' 

Hmmm, yeah. What will you do, Magas? Hm? Sherlock Holmes emote 
Just when I finished doing this page I started doing the third page. I really, really hope not to take so long next time. 

Magas Blink and Kot belong to me, :iconmusickingdom25: ©
"TF2 Misadventures" project belong to me, :iconmusickingdom25: © with the help of :icontigerswirl: ©
Comic made by me, :iconmusickingdom25: © 
Never call Kot a kitten, cat, chubby and cute (unless you're Magas XD He lets her call him cute and fluffly because he would feel bad at being mean with a carefree and harmless filly just like Magas ;3 ). Howeverrrrr, this is just a drawing of Magas and Kot going around the RED team's dorms with their Nightmare Night costums, aaaaaand they found a friendly teammate Hehe...,, Emote  You'll see him sometime around the TF2 Misadventures.
I wasn't thinking about posting something on time for today, but I did ^^; This drawing is freshly made; I took two hours and a half, or maybe three hours, to do it (it was fun to do XD). Well, now I feel relieved Relieved Oh and I'm still working on the second page of "Get them!", I'm just taking a while since my free hours at school finished a few days ago. I'm continuing to write the third comic and I had an idea for the fourth comic. I'm working, eh Honoka Nervous Laugh Icon 
Anyways, I hope you're having a nice day today :) And of course, happy Halloween!! Blinking Ghost Halloween Icon Ghost Emoticon Candy Corn 50x50 icon  XD!!

Magas Blink, Kot and the RED teammate belong to me, :iconmusickingdom25: ©
"TF2 Misadventures" project belong to me, :iconmusickingdom25: © with the help of :icontigerswirl: ©


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